Störung Partitur

1996 | 4:3 PAL, single channel, stereo, loop | 00:08:00
Electricity is one of the most confusing phenomena of our time, since humans lack the ability to percept it. We require the trans­formation of electrical procedures into the world of our sense in order to be able to take notice of it. The failure which I discovered is however inexplicable and without any sense and com­parable rather with the atom bomb than with the light bulb.

The sounds which turn up by chance through malfunction form a musically structured technical pattern and lead to a changed perception of the device. The bug is the tonal image of the electronics itself which becomes the score. The composition varies slightly over time and is infinite. In this video the infinity happens in 10 minutes in a camera pan over the score-platinum of the little sampling keyboard.

Exhibition view from Puls – exhibition at Frappant Gallery / berlin-raum für Videokunst, Hamburg, 2015