Bigger than Life – exhibition video

2002 | 4:3 PAL, dual channel installation, 2x stereo, loop | 00:21:00
Basis is a compilation of approx. 400 sequences from action films, in which danger or impending death in a deserted scene is suggested or already has occurred. A branch that unexpectedly moves in the forest produces a feeling of uncertainty and alarm. The threat permeates into the private area and is for example indicated by a slow camera movement inside an apartment. The camera is either in the role of the hunter or the hunted, while the threatening person is not to be seen vis-à-vis.
In the war and conspiracy film a form of psychological warfare comes to light. The humans in the scenery are unimportant and objects to be terminated, awaiting the things to come. The places in their character of a distance between the projectile and the human target begin to lead an independent existence.
As opposed to this, the individual becomes the object of the fateful situation in which he is unimportant. Persons disappear in landscape. In the view of the indefinite the indication of the event becomes the event. The visible area merges into the inner area by the juxtaposition and assembly of the invisible. In lining up and connecting the originally short sequences, an endlessly continuing return of the variation of an incessant moment of waiting for the event of death emerges. On the two screens contrasting or communicating motives are confronted.