Lecture – Book presentation

2020 | 16:9 HD-Video, lecture and book presentation at Kunsthaus Hamburg, stereo | 00:64:00
In science and in conspiracy myths, the virus‘ origin is alternately attributed to cave bats or secret laboratories. Caves represent archetypes of shelter, prison, body cavities, or places of dreamlike transformation. In hidden labyrinths obscure phenomena come together. These archetypes are explored in the lecture, which also introduces motifs from the new book “Wer auch immer das Interlock bricht” (2020). The thematic areas presented are: Cryptic Maps; The Grotto; Human Viruses; The Formless; The Grotesque; Replication; Artificial Intelligence; Escapes into Caves; Media Parasites; Zombification of the Unconscious.

In German with optional English subtitles.