In the air (dual channel version)

2006 | 16:9 HD, dual channel projection (installation), or single channel on mini monitor | 00:18:00
A rare incident called “Google-Dance” can generate strange phenomena when searching for keywords. The search engine’s automatic search results sometimes reveals unintentional “fuzziness”. The picture findings are warped in various ways and finally form a sort of re-contextualized pulp, approaching a new concept of truth from the borders of artificial intelligence. Aerial photographs of German towns or factories may appear in unexpected combinations with other pictures. By juxtaposing these findings through animation, the sequences may lead to threatening conclusions. The places could be bomb targets or plants for biological weapons. The montage of the images is superimposed with a reiterating digitally generated fog. Absurd picture findings, like dogs that are named “Terror”, are also part of the mix.

Exhibition view from “Smoke motion”, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, 2006