In the air

2006 | 4:3 PAL, single channel on mini monitor or dual channel projection (installation) | 00:18:00
Photos taken from newscasts undergo a process of alteration when brought into the internet. They are warped in various ways and finally form a sort of re-contextualized pulp, approaching a new concept of simulated truth. First the digitalization worsens the recognizability. Details disappear and so- called “mosquito edges” materialize. Inadvertently, a generalization occurs by the technical requirement of decreasing pixels. The signification becomes more inaccurate through the frequency of copying and renaming of the files. Personal web sites, blogs and video-blogs generate new interpretations of history and events. Pictures subsequently become a reflection of the individual’s inward state. Sentimental historical events, such as September 11, are blended with footage from other events. Thus, the universal meta-truth of the internet is manifesting with each upload. In parallel, these pictures are cataloged by internet search engines and become available through keyword searches.
Interestingly, the search engine’s automatic search results sometimes contain unintentional “fuzziness”. This kind of footage is used in the project »In the Air«. Caricaturized and as well existential pictures that appear like war repertoire become mixed by the internet’s inherent sytem of coincidence. In this project, the found photos were selected according to their current news reference but they are as well universal and timeless. Aerial photographs of German towns or factories may appear. By juxtaposing these findings through animation, the sequences may lead to threatening conclusions. The places could be bomb targets or plants for biological weapons. The montage of the pictures is superimposed with a reiterating artificial fog. Out of the fog emerge diffused picture sequences that may imply a mysterious or inexplicable idea of conspiration. Absurd picture findings, like dogs that are named »Terror«, are also part of the mix.

Exhibition view from “Smoke motion”, Ballhaus Ost, Berlin, 2006