• Formicarium (public space)

    “EnvironmANTal zoo”; Formicarium for a subway station
. Self-suspended crash-safe glass construction from 238 triangular glass panes connected by point fittings. Some panes can be removed for revision and feeding. Dimensions: undefined. In collaboration with Torsten Werner. Osaka, 2007

    The Formicarium is a glass housing for an ant population that lives inside of it, equipped with a wooden tree. The glass branches connect to the different floor levels.

    Inside of the glass structure stands a tree on which an ant species has built their nest. Streams of ants move all over the tree to gather food and transport it to the nest.

    The 7 mm long ants species belongs to the class of "Weaving ants“ and lives in a state-like social community. These ants build their nests around trees and branches in the form of a finely woven structure.