• Dreipasskorb (public space)

    “Dreipasskorb / Trefoil-pass basket”; in collaboration with Torsten Werner. Heusenstamm, 2013

    Basketball hoop “single-pole construction”, 500 x 205 cm. White tubular pole, back-board, 145 x 137 cm, aluminum, trefoil contour and aphorism, silkscreen print, black-on-white primer, gold-colored basketball basket, ring and chains made of aluminum, gold-color, anodized. The installation is usable for basketball.

    A rectangular, flat, 5 m high x 2.9 m wide installation stands on a previously undefined open space. Three essential parts are connected with each other: Two tubular posts clamp a wire mesh fence. A white plate in the form of a stylized cloverleaf is mounted in the middle of the wire – a so-called trefoil.

    The original-sized basketball hoop is made of gold-colored metal and stands out clearly from the white background. Above the basket, amidst the cloverleaf, a Latin aphorism is written in clear letters, which translates as: “It happens in a moment, what you have not hoped for in a year”.

    Heusenstamm is named after the influential archbishop who is connected to the city’s history during the Thirty Years’ War.